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            The Rest of the Tail - Summer 2018

Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital         ‚Äč                   www.lakechatugeanimalhospital.com

Tri-County Animal Clinic                                 www.tri-countyanimalclinic.com  


We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all our clients and their pets for your enthusiastic support since we opened Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital in 2005 and Tri-County Animal Clinic in 2011.  By partnering with us you’ve helped us develop a flourishing practice with a reputation for excellence in         comprehensive and proactive patient care, a legacy that will continue for decades to come.  At the end of 2017, we joined forces with National Veterinary Associates (NVA), a development that gives us access to cutting edge technologies and        treatment options to enhance client and patient services, provides staff training,  career development, and benefits, as well as access to a whole team of experts that provide accounting, tax, and payroll services so we can focus on what we do best:  patient care.   Partnering with NVA ensures we can continue to advance the medical  aspect of what we do consistent with our core values because we C.A.R.E.:

Compassion toward our clients and their pets

Accountability to be up-to-date in veterinary procedures

Respect for the concerns and feelings of our client

Excellence by providing the best available care for your pets  

Let me be clear, Dr. McClearen and I will continue to make all the medical decisions regarding our clients and patients at LCAH and TCAC.  Our partnership with NVA   ensures we have access to better funding and expertise to advance our hospitals’ needs as the world of veterinary medicine continues to rapidly evolve.  A perfect  example is the recent installation of our new Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber that uses low-pressure oxygen as a natural substance to treat swelling, pain and   inflammation, improve  circulation, and treat head/spinal injuries, severe wounds, stubborn infections, and much more.  (see next article)

We are very pleased that our partnership with NVA will allow Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital and Tri County Animal Clinic to continue practicing and serving our patients and clients for many years to come, fulfilling our mission to provide the Best Family Care for Every Pet, Every Client, Every Time. 

J Hilty H. Burr, Sr., D.V.M.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Now Available for Pets     

Many of the advances in human medicine eventually find their way to pet health care.  The latest crossover advance is Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  It has been used for several years in people to treat many conditions.  The most common indications in people are vascular brain and myocardial infarctions or ischemia such as strokes, carbon        monoxide toxicity, severe non-responsive wounds, severe acute trauma to soft tissue, bone or nervous tissue, non-healing necrotic or gangrenous tissue, severe infections that are   hypoxic, radiation or thermal burns, heat strokes, failing skin flaps, certain cancers,   glaucoma and much more.  Professional athletes incorporate HBOT in their training      protocols to enable faster recovery from injuries and overexertion.

There are two types of HBOT chambers (low and high pressure).  They are equally       effective.  The main difference is low pressure chambers are much safer to operate,  require longer treatment times known as “dives” of 60-120 minutes versus 30 minutes for high pressure chambers.  Protocols vary from only one dive to twice a day treatments, and are typically used as adjunct therapy along with more conventional    therapies.  Both low and high pressure systems are pressurized enclosures or tubes where pure 100%   oxygen is delivered which treats the entire body delivering up to 3x levels of oxygen than what normal respiration provides.  Simply stated the high level of oxygen promotes healing. 

The therapeutic outcomes of HBOT are great reduction of swelling and edema,          stimulation of new blood vessels that enhances circulation, relieves pressure from head or spinal cord injuries, provides wound healing, and eliminates infection (bacterial, viral and fungal).  It has been shown to enhance and speed up the healing process and potentially replace    invasive surgical procedures.  Specific indications for pets include venomous snake and spider bites, infected non-healing wounds, drowning or asphyxiation victims, heat strokes, head/spinal trauma, abscesses, multiple and massive trauma, acute         herniated discs, burn victims, respiratory failure, acute pancreatitis, peritonitis,         parvovirus infections,  glaucoma and toxemias.  It is also indicated for any degenerative process such as  degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis), neuropathy, hepatopathy and nephropathy, and many cancer conditions.

When comparing the human and pet      indications for HBOT, the similarities are striking.  Pets play vital roles in our      families, and exhibit the awesome power of the Human-Pet bond.  Therefore, the more advanced diagnostic and therapeutic     modalities used in people such as HBOT inevitably find their way to veterinarians to offer their 4 legged patients.   HBOT offers a natural substance (oxygen) with a unique non-invasive delivery system with essentially no side effects or adverse events.  It is now available at Lake Chatuge.

Kangen Water and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Kangen water is electrolyzed water that decreases oxidative stress and improves hydration. The best machine is the SD 501 manufactured by Enagic.  The electrolyzed oxidized (acidic) water is nontoxic to tissues and kills 99.9% of all known          pathogens. The electrolyzed reduced (alkaline) water greatly decreases inflammation.  It also makes important minerals such as calcium and magnesium more bioavailable, and prevents  decreases in major organ dysfunction including many that are     associated with most major illnesses and injuries.

Kangen water units provide electrolyzed water and use a three-stage filtration process.  There are easy and economical     financing  options with no money down that cost approximately $40-$50 per month.  For more information contact Lake     Chatuge Animal Hospital and Dr. Burr.  The unit can also be purchased by going online to www.enagic.com and enter Dr Burr’s distributor # as your sponsor: Enagic # 6802986.  Also, ask us about “Assisi Loops”, an FDA approved electroceutical device that reduces pain, swelling and inflammation.  It is another non-drug option that is highly effective, safe, and has many      indications.

We also recommend hyperbaric oxygen as a therapy for any disease or injury that has major ischemia (lack of adequate tissue oxygen levels) and edema (swelling in tissues) which can be combined with Kangen water (electrolyzed reduced / alkaline)   serving as a supportive hydrogen donor in all patients (human or animal).  Contact ake Chatuge Animal Hospital and Dr. Burr for more information. 

Why Pet Celebration?

Every year since 2012 LCAH, TCAC, and CCCC have hosted the Pet Celebration on the Historic Hayesville Square.  All events celebrate the human/pet bond and the pure joy pets bring to our lives,  but in addition to it being lots of fun, we do it for a very serious cause.

We have all seen stray cats and dogs in the area.  You may call them a nuisance or they may pull at your heart strings,  but none of us, individually, can take care of all of the cats and dogs who       desperately need homes.  That’s where our local rescue groups and humane societies come in. 

Numerous groups in our four-county area work tirelessly to provide food, shelter and medical care for strays and      surrendered pets.  Costs for staffing, facilities, and maintenance, as well as pet care, are overwhelming.  Lake Chatuge   Animal Hospital in Young Harris and Tri-County Animal Clinic in Murphy help during the year by providing low cost spay/neuter services but we know by involving the community many more potential pets can find a furrever home.

Here are some statistics gathered from five of the 12 local groups we support:

Wholly Cats:  Wholly Cats in Blairsville, GA took in 277 kitties last year. About 20 were pregnant or nursing adults, the rest were kittens.  Many of the kittens were bottle baby orphans.   Fifty found local homes; the rest went on transport to partner rescues in the northeast.

New Digs For Dogs:  In 2017 New Digs for Dogs, located in Brasstown, NC, helped 20 dogs get healthy and find new homes.  In 2014 (their first year) the number was around 85.  During that time Valley River Humane Society became low kill and made tremendous strides in animal care and transporting.  They have no problem taking a stray, knowing the best future for the animal is to be transported!!  We are so proud of them!  They say their focus and need is with owner-surrendered dogs.  Owners don't want to take them to a shelter to rehome without being certain about where their new home will be.  The organization New Digs works with in the Boston area has a home for them before they ever leave.

North Georgia SPCA:  The stats for the North Georgia SPCA in Young Harris, GA are as follows:  Cats—38 spays / 30 neuters;  Dogs---23 spays / 5 neuters.   They also rescued 9 cats and fostered them until they were adopted.

Operation Pup:  Operation Pup located in Hiawassee, GA did neuters and rabies vaccines for 50 cats and 4 dogs and spays and rabies vaccines for 62 cats and 13 dogs in 2017.  So far in 2018 they neutered 17 cats and 3 dogs and spayed 4 cats and 3 dogs and provided rabies vaccines for all.  They helped find homes for many local cats and kittens, either by transporting north or running adoption days locally.  Some of their volunteers feed feral cat colonies daily, using their own money to buy cat food.  This has gone on 7 days a week, year round, for the last 10+ years (see        below).   

Lucky Paws Cat Rescue:   Lucky Paws Cat Rescue (pending 501c3) located in Warne, NC  is run by one man, affectionately called “The Cat Whisperer”.  Carl Haines tirelessly and without thought of cost to him,  has provided food,   shelter and medical care over the years for hundreds of feral cats located in Towns, Union, Clay and Cherokee       Counties. Carl has rescued over 45 kittens this year alone.  If he cannot find homes for them, one of the local shelters helps out with adoptions.  He, in turn, will occasionally foster cats for another rescue group when needed.  His twice daily feeding rounds cover about 150 miles to give wet and dry food to up to 50 cats in various locations.  Carl provides these life-saving services for  forgotten kitties without any regular outside funding. 

This is why each September we host Pet Celebration on the Hayesville Square.  Participating rescue groups and        Humane Societies set up booths and bring in pets awaiting adoption.  The scheduled events are  pet-oriented to draw   families and pet lovers alike.   Generous gift item donations from local businesses and patrons allow us to set up a silent auction tent to raise funds and when these proceeds  are added to corporate donations and the vaccine clinic it enables us to present each participating group with a check to help defray their annual expenses and keep their doors open. 

If you love animals and want to help these marvelous rescue groups save lives and prevent unnecessary suffering, please support them with your time, talent and/or treasure.  Join us this year on September 22nd from 8am-2pm for a full day of events celebrating the human/pet bond and the pure joy pets bring to our lives.

Is Your Pet Feeling the “Pinch”?

There has probably been a time at least once in your life where you have felt the “pinch” of clothes that obviously shrunk in the dryer!!!  You know how uncomfortable it can be – hard to sit down, bend over, etc.  Did you ever imagine how it feels to your pet who might even now be giving you that sad – but I’m soooooooooo hungry – face?  Not all pets know when to walk away from the food bowl.  In fact, many of our cherished furrbabies will insist that we underfed them.  Now might be a good time to consider a nutritional diet featuring our Royal Canin™ Satiety Weight Loss Program. 

Because our pets have smaller frames compared to us, when they put on a few extra pounds  it can have a dramatic effect on their life expectancy.  Extra weight can also lead to other serious problems such as diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, skin irritations, and urinary tract disorders.  Royal Canin™ offers a properly balanced low-calorie, low-fat, controlled diet for safe, efficient weight loss. If you simply feed your pet  less of their current diet, it may not provide enough essential nutrients, and can lead to deficiencies and they typically do not lose weight.   You want a diet that is low in fat, nutrient-rich, palatable, calorie restricted, and one that satisfies your pet’s appetite.

With many different options to fit each individual situation, Royal Canin™ provides all this and more, in that your pet can eat more Satiety and still lose weight..  We can help you make a wise choice for your pet to help them get in shape and keep them there for years to come and our Royal Canin™ Veterinary Diets are 100% guaranteed.

The cause of your pet’s weight problem should first be determined to rule out any medical issues that might hinder the success of a weight management plan. A common medical cause of obesity in dogs is hypothyroidism.  Start by visiting your veterinarian to get an   overall health assessment, assign a body condition score and to understand your pet’s unique weight management needs. 

What should you feed your pet?  Unfortunately, many commercial pet foods are too high in carbohydrates and fat.  At LCAH and TCAC we recommend the Royal Canin™ line of prescription pet foods.  For dogs and cats that are tipping the scale, Satiety Support offers:

• Balanced mineral/vitamin concentration

• Soluble/insoluble fiber for digestive health and a sense of fullness

• High protein content

• Ingredients to manage fiber-responsive GI tract diseases

• Boosted L-carnitine to accelerate your pet's fat-burning metabolism

Royal Canin™ Veterinary Diet Satiety Support Dog/Cat Food can be used as part of a weight reduction program in combination with     behavioral management and an exercise program.   With vital information about your pet that we relate to RC consultants, we can        determine the amount and type of RC food that is just right for your pet. 

You are the key partner with your pet in this endeavor to reach a healthy body condition.  Be sure to include an exercise program to    increase your pet’s activity level.  Walk and play with your dog.  Entice your cat with a catnip toy or even an empty box or paper bag.  The idea is to get them moving.  Once the weight begins to come off, you will notice their activity level increasing on its own, which leads to more weight loss.

Because nutrition can help your pet’s body recover faster, stay healthy longer and even help defend against health issues, every ROYAL CANIN® veterinary formula gives priority to the pet, focusing on nutrients that help promote wellness, minimize clinical symptoms or promote recovery. Ask us which formula is right for your pet.

We strongly believe Royal Canin™ is the very best diet for pets.  It is a premium diet but its health benefits will ultimately reduce your pet health care costs.